BRICKLIVE has returned to Basel for its second year. Opening its doors on one of the hottest April weekends the Swiss city had seen for decades did not deter the crowds from pouring in to see what year two had to offer.

The build up to this event had been epic as months of preparation and promotion, had teased the public with plenty of exciting new features to explore. Taking centre stage of this excitement was the giant 1200 square metre Safari exhibit. Over 80 creature features filled this interactive space containing everything from a giant 2.6m high Bengal tiger to brick-built butterflies. Decorated with foliage, banners and camouflage netting this amazing new zone sprawled around the venues central column like some-sort of magical wildlife park. Fans snapped away at the amazing statues, took part in the giant hippo collaborative build and found gaming fun in the feed the frogs area and giant brick pit. Safari was packed with smiling fans and had already proved a huge hit.

However this central feature was far from the only highlight. New to this BRICKLIVE event were the themed, ever-popular brickpits. For example the large blue pit was transformed into a beach area, with inflatable toys, palm trees and deck chairs surrounding the shimmering blue bricks. Meanwhile down at the black and yellow pit stood a spooky looking raised viewing platform, hiding underneath it a enclosed Batcave for visitors to play in. In fact it would be fair to say the finishing touches through this event were spectacular. The City builder zone was a particular favourite. Surrounded with construction paraphernalia including a barriers, real digger and even hard hats for the builders to wear. The Star Wars zone had also seen an enhancement from last year as beyond the diorama and building section was a Free-to-use prop-filled themed photo booth plus an impressive display of historic sets from across the years of official LEGO releases.

Fans could not fail to be entertained at this impressive brick-filled spectacle. The consoles pods were packed with children playing Minecraft and Dimensions, towering structures were heading roof bound in architecture and the loose bricks in the pits were quickly being transformed into some of the most creative structures we have seen. Bargains were being grabbed from the Brick Lane traders and it was smiles all round as families reluctantly left after the first day.

It would seem the sun shone brightly, inside and out this weekend in Basel with visitors travelling from afar to witness what has become a very noteworthy event. 


There's less than 3 months to go until the grand opening of BRICKLIVE Basel 2018. The Basel team have been working hard to bring brick fans the best content possible and make this event even more of a success than the first show was last April. 

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