BRICKLIVE has announced the opening of its second permanent space in the Starfield Mall in Seoul, South Korea.

Continuing on from the opening earlier in the year of the original BRICKLIVE Centre, BRICKLIVE second centre in a prime retail space in the Starfield mall will open on 17 August 2017.

This centre will offer a full brick-fuelled experience for visitors and will consist of five themed zones. These include  BRICKLIVE Play Zone, BRICKLIVE Education Zone, BRICKLIVE Cafe Zone, BRICKLIVE Gallery Zone and BRICKLIVE Goods Zone.

It will feature popular BRICKLIVE features such as the race track, brick pit and graffiti wall and introduce an ‘Edutainment’ (a compound of education and entertainment) program that can raise children’s creativity and attract kidults as well as children.

The ‘BRICKLIVE Play Zone’ aims to encourage 'infinite imagination' by stimulating the children’s five senses. Kids can make different models according to their own taste of famous cities, buildings, cars etc.

The ‘BRICKLIVE Education Zone’, developed by a pedagogical child development specialist, focuses on improving children’s creativity and problem-solving skills.

In the ‘BRICKLIVE Cafe Zone’, you can enjoy an exotic bakery product with an edible brick shape decoration. If you want to see the original work of domestic and foreign artists, there’ll be  a ‘BRICKLIVE Gallery Zone’ and a ‘BRICKLIVE Goods Zone’.

“Working with BRICKLIVE is a very new and exciting experience. New content is coming out continuously and I think the future will be very bright and exciting. I hope that BRICKLIVE will continue to be an exciting and fun journey in the future."

Mr. Reon Kim, Partner

Read all about the opening day here:

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