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BRICKLIVE tours at the forefront as zoos reopen

5th July 2020

As lockdowns are eased in the UK, mainland Europe and North America, zoos have turned to BRICKLIVE tours to assist them with their staged reopening plans.

Photos ‘SUPERSIZED!’ at Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo welcomed members of their Marwell Wildlife membership program into the park first for a sneak peak at BRICKLIVE’s latest tour ‘SUPERSIZED!’ before its public debut on Friday 3rd of July. ‘SUPERSIZED!’ features 40 colourful models made up of over 2 million toy bricks. Familiar animals have been magnified to enormous proportions allowing visitors to the tour to safely encounter a peacock spider over 200 times larger than normal along with a giant spitting cobra, a three meter tarantula and a beautiful kingfisher. 

Sean Mannie, Commercial Director at Marwell, said “This year’s SUPERSIZED! event is very impressive and it’s now on display until November. Our aim is of course to entertain, whilst also debunking prejudicial stereotypes, particularly given so many species become rare or under threat because they are misjudged and persecuted.”

The sculptures have been strategically placed around the zoo and offer an outdoor, socially distanced, contact-free exhibition. 

Visitors give an overwhelming thumbs-up to ‘SUPERSIZED!'

In Grand Rapids, MI, John Ball Zoo is hosting the BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise tour as an added bonus for visitors. The 40+ life-sized sculptures on display including John Ball Zoo favourites like the African lion, snow leopard, and ring-tailed lemur alongside our incredible giraffe, giant panda and others that aren’t zoo residents. 

BRICKLIVE Ocean has been chosen by the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, PA to spearhead their summer campaign. Once again, the BRICKLIVE tour provides visitors with an entirely outdoor, all weather attraction. Over 4,300 hours of work went into constructing the 25 scupltures of marine life, including sharks, dolphins, seals and sea lions. 

On their website (click here ) the Da Vinci Center points out some of the advantages a BRICKLIVE tour offers visitors including enhanced social distancing, a design that allows for a one-way path, an entirely outdoor experience and multiple opportunties for family photos. 

Tina Anthony, Business Development Director, said  "Three more zoos featuring a Bricklive Tour will be opening in the next 3 weeks, including Bristol, Banham and Paignton. Online bookings only, so book early!"