BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise

About The Tour

About The Tour

Animal Paradise is a brick-tastic collection of unique models, with the mission of educating the generations of children on the theme of endangered animal species. It provides a fun and friendly environment and the perfect day out for the whole family. The tour contains brick-built statues and photo opportunities which are themed around animals that exist within various habitats across the globe. Visitors will come face-to-face with amazing creatures such as an imposing Tiger, a proud African Lion and a graceful Dolphin.

The four habitats represented in ANIMAL PARADISE are Wildlands, Snow and Ice, Ocean and Jungle. The tour first premiered in 2018 and has since toured 3 continents, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Starting in the Bird’s Nest Stadium, Beijing, the models then moved on to the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco before flying across the Atlantic for events in Dallas and Brookfield Zoo, Chicago.

Animal Paradise contains model zones that are perfect for zoos and large visitor attractions. The models can be used to create a trail map around a venue or as a one stop exhibit.


Tour includes:

x1 Aardvark / x1 African Wild Dog / x1 Alligator / x1 Arctic Fox / x1 Bengal Tiger / x1 Blue Fin Tuna 1 / x1 Blue Fin Tuna 2 / x1 Brown Bear with Cub / x1 Chinese Giant Salamander / x1 Dolphin /x1 Duck-Billed Platypus/ x1 Elephant / x1 Elk / x1 Emperor Penguin Adult / x2 Emperor Penguin Chicks/ x1 Exploration Vessel / x1 Giant Panda / x1 Giraffe / x1 Gorilla / x1 King Cobra / x1 Leopard on a Branch / x1 Lion Cubs / x1 Lion / x1 Macaws / x1 Mako Shark / x1 Orangutan / x1 Panda Cubs / x1 Pangolin / x1 Polar Bear / x1 Red Ruffed Lemur / x1 Rhino / x1 Ring-Tailed Lemur / x1 Rock Hopper Penguin / x2 Rock Hopper Penguin Chicks / x1 Sea Otter Family / x1 Siberian Tiger / x15 Small Jungle Animals / x1 Snow Leopard / x1 Tasmanian Devil / x1 Tiger Cubs / x1 Tropical Fish Diorama / x1 Yellow Fin Tuna / x1 Head-in-the-Hole Selfie Zone / x1 Jeep Selfie Zone Note: Model configuration options are available, enquire on the contact page