About The Tour

About The Tour

Big Cats is a unique collection of models that provide an awe-inspiring spectacle for visitors. With 12 amazing models, this tour contains some of the world’s most magnificent felines including an imposing Lioness and a stately Tiger to a prowling Black Panther.

Big Cats is ideal for making a 12 location, trail to add to your venue map to help navigate patrons to key areas of the site.

Big Cats contains model that are perfect for zoos and visitor attractions. The models can be used to create a trail map around a venue or as a one stop exhibit.


Tour includes:

African Leopard on a Branch / Caracal Family (Section A) / Caracal Family (Section B) / Cheetah and Antelope / Cheetah Cubs / Clouded Leopard / Lioness / Lion Cubs / Lounging Tiger / Lynx / Panther / Snow Leopard / Tiger Cubs