BRICKLIVE Brickosaurs

About The Tour

About The Tour

BRICKOSAURS is a unique collection of dinosaur brick-built models that provide an awe-inspiring spectacle for visitors. With amazing models including a huge T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops this touring show contains some of the most extraordinary toy brick builds ever created. Visitors can experience firsthand what it would have been like to come face-to-face with these incredible prehistoric reptiles.

Facts and figures about the dinosaurs and their brick models are displayed on ID cards, making this an educational and entertaining trail. As visitors tour amongst the wonderful variety of dinosaurs, they will have the opportunity to take photos in the range of photo zones including a Jurassic Jeep and Megalosaur head.

Brickosaurs is perfect for zoos and large visitor attractions. The models can be used to create a trail map around a venue or as a one stop exhibit.


Tour includes:

x1 Ankylosaur / x1 Archaeoceratops 1 / x1 Archaeoceratops 2 / x1 Archaeoceratops 3 / x5 Archaeopteryx / x1 Baby T-Rex / x15 Compsognathus / x1 Dilophosaurus / x1 Dimetrodon 1 / x1 Dimetrodon 2 / x1 Dinosaur Bones / x1 Dinosaur Eggs / x1 Dinosaur Footprints / x1 Diplocaulus / x1 Lystrosaurus / x1 Mochlodon / x1 Parasaurolophus / x6 Peteinosaurus / x1 Plesiosaur / x1 Pteranodon / x1 Stegosaurus / x1 T-Rex / x1 Tethyshadros / x1 Triceratops / x1 Velociraptor 1 / x1 Velociraptor 2 / x1 Velociraptor 3 / x1 Vibrating Raptor Crate / x1 Jeep Selfie Zone x1 Megalosaur Head Selfie Zone / x1 Head-in-the-Hole Selfie Zone Note: Model configuration options are available, enquire on the contact page