BRICKLIVE Metropolis

About The Tour

About The Tour

BRICKLIVE Metropolis is an interactive brick-built experience that towers over the competition and provides an awe inspiring spectacle for visitors, with 20 stunning models of world landmark towers and buildings. Visitors can experience the history of human endeavour in the built environment, taking them from Stonehenge through to the landmarks of London and New York and on to the glittering skyscrapers of Shanghai and Dubai.

Many of the buildings include illumination, movement – such as revolving restaurants – and sound effects. Bricklive Metropolis is a celebration of architecture from around the world, recreated at 1:125 scale. From ancient pyramids and classical landmarks, to towering skyscrapers and futuristic displays.


Tour includes:

CN Tower / Gran Torre Santiago / Bank of China / Turning Torso / Oriental Pearl Tower / Chrysler Building / Ostankino / Tai Pei / Great Pyramid of Giza / Sky Tower / Arc de Triomphe / Leaning Tower of Pisa / Burj al Arab / Atomium /Willis Tower / Empire State Building / The Shard / Eiffel Tower / Big Ben / Berlin Tower