Ocean model



Ocean features hand-built brick statues that have been devised to entertain whilst educating children and families about the incredible diversity of life in the Earth’s oceans, and about the major environmental issues that threaten their existence. OCEAN can bring important sea life and habitat facts and statistics to life in a fun environment. OCEAN hopes to motivate children and families to take an active interest in the fish, crabs, sharks and octopi that we share our blue planet with so many generations to come can enjoy these wonderful species. Each model comes with an ID card so questions for the trail can be created either using educational facts, fun brick stats or a mix of both.


Tour includes:

x1 African Penguins, x1 Angler Fish , x1 Common Skate, x2 Coral Reef Dioramas , x1 Devil Ray, x1 Dolphin, x1 Giant Squid, x1 Green Sea Turtle, x1 Hammerhead Shark, x1 Hawaiian Monk Seal, x1 Killer Whale, x2 Mahi Mahi, x1 Mako Shark, x1 Manatee, x1 Moray Eel , x1 Octopus, x2 Parrot Fish on Base, x1 Puffins on Rock, x1 Sailfish, x2 Spider Crab, x1 Stellar Sea Lion, x1 Sturgeon, x1 Vaquita, x2 Yellow Fin Tuna Note: Model configuration options are available, enquire on the contact page