About The Tour

About The Tour

With astronauts, rockets, planets and even a friendly Alien, BRICKLIVE Outer Space is a brick-built adventure into the solar system! This astronomically brilliant collection of models can be placed together as a display, or spread around a shopping mall or town centre shops to create an interstellar trail!

The carefully selected 19 models provide a fun and educational mix of learning and photo opportunities. A challenging quest or a fun trail can be created using these models. Rockets, shuttles, astronauts and mosaics will be a sure-fire way to delight everyone viewing this exciting touring show.


Tour includes:

Apollo 11 Mission Badge / Curiosity Mars Rover / Earth / Friendly Alien / GBR Rocket / Lunar Lander / Mars Base / Moon Base / Neil Armstrong / Saturn V Rocket / Saturn V Rocket (Small) / SLS Mars Rocket / Space Shuttle / USA Moon Flag / Valentina Tereshkova Vostok 1 / Yuri Gagarin / Interactive Head-in-the-Hole