About The Tour

About The Tour

BRICKLIVE Safari offers stunning life-like models of animals that can be displayed in scenes or as individual models in their own location, creating a trail around a venue or area.

There are many ‘selfie’ photo-opportunities within the tour which can also host interactive play areas. These play areas include our Safari Jeep, full contact animal selfie zones such as the lion, plus extra’s can be ordered including our amazing bricks pits.


Tour includes:

Armadillo / x1 Baby Gorilla / x1 Bengal Tiger / x1 Butterflies & Moths Diorama / x1 Condor / x1 Crocodile / x1 Elephant / x1 Gazelle / x1 Hyena / x1 Hyena 2 / x1 Insects Diorama / x1 Kangaroo (Adult) / x1 Kangaroo (Juvenile) / x1 Lion / x1 Lion Cubs / x1 Lizards Diorama / x1 Macaque Monkey / x1 Macaws on Perch / x1 Meerkats / x1 Ostrich / x1 Panda Cubs / x1 Penguin / x1 Red Ruffed Lemur / x1 Scorpions Diorama / x1 Silverback Gorilla / x1 Spiders Diorama / x6 Vampire Bats / x1 Warthog 1 / x1 Warthog 2 / x1 Zebra (Adult) / x1 Zebra (Foal) / x1 Zebra (Juvenile) / x1 Interactive Head-in-Hole / x1 Interactive Jeep Selfie Zone