BRICKLIVE Supersized Creatures

About The Tour

About The Tour

Supersized Creatures is an exciting tour that showcases some of the worlds most fascinating creatures scaled up to form giant stunning models using toy bricks.

The tour contains over 20 large models and displays ranging from Tarantulas and a swooping kingfisher all the way through to a super-sized spitting snake. Visitors can experience these amazing creatures on an epic scale that is bound to impress and wow. As visitors tour amongst the wonderful variety of models they will have numerous Selfie Zone opportunities.

The models can be used by customers to create a trail around their venue. Each model comes with an ID card explaining key facts about the model such as brick count and how many hours it took to build.


Tour includes:

Blue Ringed Octopus / Tokay Gecko / Peacock Mantis Shrimp / Poison Strawberry Dart Frog – DUPLO / Hermit Crab / x10 Trail Models / Kingfisher (swooping) / Common Wasp / Tarantula / Californian Newt / Assassin Bug / Red Spitting Cobra / Honey Badger / Grasshopper Mouse / Deep Sea Dragon Fish / Bioluminescent Jellyfish x3 (Mauve Stinger) / Angler Fish / Peacock Spider / Fat Tail Scorpion / Giant Centipede / Praying Mantis / Venus Flytrap / American Kestrel / White Lipped Pit Viper / Ant Farm