The Snowman and The Snowdog

About The Tour

About The Tour

This amazing trail displays these famous Christmas characters as never seen before! Uniquely crafted out of thousands of bricks, The Snowman™ and The Snowdog BRICKLIVE trail includes 4 large models and 12 smaller trail models.

Our 4 amazing large brick models include The Snowman™, The Snowdog, Billy and a head-in-hole mosaic to give customers 4 incredible and memorable photo opportunities.


Tour includes:

The Snowman™ / The Snowdog™ / Billy / Head-in-Hole Mosaic / Anatomy of a Snowman / Comic Snowmen / Father Christmas / Christmas Tree / Kimono Snowgirl / Rodeo Snowgirl / Penguin / Grandfather Clock / House at Night Diorama / Red Aeroplane Trio Diorama / Flying Scene Diorama / Still Photo Mosaic