BRICKLIVE Animal Wonders

About The Tour

About The Tour

ANIMAL WONDERS is a brick-tastic model trail journeying through the natural world’s most incredible creatures. Educating children on our world’s amazing biodiversity in a fun and friendly environment, ANIMAL WONDERS is a day out that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The tour contains brick-built statues and photo opportunities which are themed around animals that exist within various habitats across the globe. Visitors will come face-to-face with a wide selection of amazing creatures, highlights include a giant Killer Whale, an imposing Giraffe a statuesque Bengal Tiger and an imposing Rhino.

Animal Wonders contains model zones that are perfect for zoos and large visitor attractions. The models can be used to create a trail map around a venue or as a one stop exhibit.


Tour includes:

x1 Killer Whale / x1 Giant Squid / x1 Mako Shark / x1 Octopus / x1 Polar Bear / x1 Siberian Tiger / x1 Bengal Tiger / x1 Tiger Cubs / x1 African Lion / x1 Lioness / x1 Leopard on a Branch / x1 Clouded Leopard / x1 Snow Leopard / x1 Giraffe / x1 Elephant / x1 Rhino / x1 Brown Bear with Cub / x1 Giant Panda / x1 Gorilla / x1 Orangutan / x1 Juvenile Zebra / x1 King Cobra / x1 Macaws on a Perch / x1 Juvenile Alligator / x1 Juvenile Kangaroo / x1 Lion Cubs / x1 Explorer Head-in-Hole / x1 Sit-in-Jeep / x1 Sit-in-Submarine